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GIA Hotels believes in sustainability and wants to offer a model of hospitality attentive to the environment and the enhancement of the territory.

Starting with the group's two Best Western hotels, we are in fact supported by LifeGate and we are operating with the Stay for the Planet and Stay Plasticless projects, which aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

In these hotels you will find a lot of attention for a conscious and eco-friendly stay.

Here is how we are actually committed to the environment.


  • use of 20% RECS certified clean energy from renewable sources
  • over 90% of low consumption light bulbs
  • electronic keys for access to the room


  • use of a separate collection system with baskets on each floor
  • disposal of used batteries and printer toners


  • use of green Eco Dahlia courtesy line in all rooms, with products in biodegradable and compostable plastic packaging
  • elimination of plastic cups in all rooms and exclusive use of glass or ceramic cups
  • elimination of straws
  • use of metal crockery and cutlery
  • communications for changing linen in each room to reduce waste
  • reduction of the use of transparent film for food


  • low consumption taps and presence of flow reducers
  • constant monitoring of water consumption


  1. Practice separate waste collection correctly, at home and in the office
  2. Reduce consumption with small gestures
  3. Use the bottle when you're out or the glass bottle if you're at home
  4. Avoid disposable items
  5. Always carry a reusable shopping bag / bags with you
  6. Bulk and local is better! It favors local markets or shops where there are still loose and zero km products.

Our commitment to the planet has only just begun... follow us to find out what the next step will be!