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Hummingbird is among the most important animals for Native Americans. It evokes strength, perseverance and overcoming obstacles
Symbolically its characteristics have different nuances in every culture, in many legends it is a spirit that takes care and helps people in difficulty by dispensing gifts like rain and fire. The hopi venerated him as a savior, he would even preserve mankind from hunger by letting the plants sprout on the earth.

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Despite being the smallest bird in the world, he is a warrior and defends the territory with great force, its beak becomes a sword able to repel any intruder.
His message as a guide is to fight to defend our ideals and the people we love by forcefully excluding our enemies. It has a magnificent iridescent plumage that allows it to blend in, to escape predators.

These little birds are tireless and they are looking for the sweetest nectar of flower in bloom, so that they invite us to grasp the best side of life and to face it with lightness and flexibility.

Did you know that the movement of its wings draws the symbol of infinity?